Safety Glasses

Various injuries can result if the proper safety glasses are not worn, or if they are not worn at all.  The primary consideration should always relate to having the best protection against the potential workplace threats you face on a daily basis.  

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has addressed both the variety of threats and minimum standards for safety glasses. The five major dangers to your eyes per OSHA studies


  • Impact – Flying objects and particles.
  • Heat – Anything that gives off dangerous heat.
  • Chemicals – Includes flashes, fumes, and vapors.
  • Dust – Otherwise harmless particulates that can damage sensitive eyes.
  • Optical radiation – Everything from simple glare to intense light.  

Safety Glasses- "Where Safety Meets Style"

  •  Available in Clear or Tinted
  • Lens are Plastic to Avoid a Foreign Object from Cracking the Lens
  • Frameless